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You've probably spotted us out in the wild.

We hang out at the big stock agencies a lot. You may have even used some of our photos in one of your pet projects. Our images have been used around the globe by the pet and travel industries on print and web ads, product packaging, website design and more.

But here on this site, we have some pretty rare sightings.

• Transparent background animal images

• Creative composited images with interchangable layers

• Custom photography and compositing services 

Cut-Outs That Don’t Look Cut Out

Stray hairs are our pet peeve!

We spend countless hours making sure that every single hair on the edges of our transparent background images are meticulously extracted or recreated to seamlessly and effortlessly blend in to your marketing design layouts… so you don’t have to. 

Your Hero Story Told in a Glance

You dream it up. We bring it to life.

Our creative composites will help you to stand out as a leader in the pack. Tell us your hero story and we will write your visual novel. Creative composites can consist of a mix of our stock photos, your existing images and newly created images just for you.

So what’s your story?

Let us help you to bring it to life. Contact us today to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. 

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The perfect photos for your pet business!

Set a playful and relaxed mood in your veterinary office, doggie-daycare or retail store with happy pet faces.

Pet-parents will instantly fall in love with your establishment when greeted with bright and joyful animal images.

A lighthearted atmosphere can help to keep your staff cheerful and motivated all day!

$1.00 will be donated to PACC-911 –  Phoenix Animal Care Coalition for every item sold in this collection.


A few of our stock images spotted around the world….