Good-Focused Donation Program

Empower With Empathy

Helping good causes is what we are all about.

Our Good-Focused Donation Program provides assistance to small independent animal and human welfare organizations that are making a big difference in the world. We carefully select reputable non-profits whose programs are designed to empower individuals to develop their own sustainable solutions to complex issues. Our main areas of focus are:

  • Animal rescue and conservation efforts
  • Empowering young mothers to learn skills and provide for their families
  • Helping to provide education to children in under-developed  rural areas

With many thanks..

This video goes out with much gratitude to all of the supporters of the work that we do. These messages of thanks come from the recipients of donations that were made from the sales of our images and from donors to special projects that we have coordinated.

This is how it works…

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We take photos of animals and nature

We produce a heck of a lot of photos of adoptable pets through our good-focused photo program.  We also create many photos of spectacular wildlife and nature during our good-focused adventures.

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Then we sell the images as stock and art

We have a library of almost 10,000 images of domestic and wild animals, nature and travel. These photos are licensed to the pet and travel industry for their marketing needs. We also sell a curated selection as wall art and home decor

Helping Good Causes

Then we donate a portion of proceeds to good-causes

We carefully select small non-profits to support that are making a big difference in the world. It is important to us that the efforts that we make serve to “empower with empathy”… to lend a hand-up to allow others to help themselves. 

Here are just a few of the good causes that we support…

Phoenix Zoo - Arizona Center for Nature Conservation

The Phoenix Zoo was recently renamed to the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation because of the extensive work that they do in assist in the preservation of endangered species.

Good Focused has assisted this organization by providing them with complimentary photos of their animals for their marketing needs and through the donation of funds generated from image sales.

Africa Foundation

Africa Foundation was born out of the belief that, through effective consultation and collaboration, with legitimate local leadership in place, rural communities are empowered to enable development on a far more successful and sustainable scale.

Good Focused has donated proceeds from the sale of our wildlife images towards school improvement projects in rural Kenya.

Girl Empowerment Coalition

Girl Empowerment Coalition Uganda (GECU) is a community based organization with a vision of empowering women and children to ensure a sustainable livelihood.

Good Focused has helped this wonderful organization through the donation of funds generated through the sales of our stock photo and art sales and through our AfriPads project in partnership with Adventure Artists International.

The Prints 4 Pads Project

Good Focused along with our sister company Adventure Artists International, are the proud developers of the Prints 4 Pads.

Many teenage girls in rural areas of Africa are forced to skip school during their monthly cycle because of a lack of supply of feminine hygiene products. We rallied the support of our clients to provide donations of cases of reusable sanitary pads to girls in Kenya and Uganda.