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This is what we are focused on…

Stock Photos For The Animal & Travel Industries

We have close to 10,000 fun, uplifting and inspiring stock photos of pets, wildlife and travel scenes in our library that are designed for the marketing needs of the animal and travel industries.

Animal and Nature Art & Decor

Liven up your home or office walls with some animal or nature photos. We have a curated selection of images available on canvas wraps, framed prints, pillows, blankets, coffee mugs & more!

Courses for Creatives

We also teach people how to create fun and conceptual animal and adventure art. If you are a photographer that would like to learn some new tricks, check out our online courses!

Everything we do is for a cause.

Our company was build around the desire to support good causes that are making a difference in the world. It’s not enough for us to just take pretty pictures. There must be a greater purpose to all that we create.

Most of the images of animals that we sell were taken through our good-focused photo programs and adventures. These programs help to raise awareness and funds for non-profits worldwide. We also donate a portion of proceeds to good-causes that are focused on animal welfare, conservation and community outreach.

We like to do good deeds for others.

We provide complimentary photography services to select animal welfare organizations for their marketing, awareness and fundraising needs. These images are then sold as art and licensed as stock photography to keep the program running.

If you run a non-profit organization that is focused on helping animals and are in need of some good photos, check out our cause-focused photo program. If we can’t take photos for you, we can give you a good discount on stock photos.

We take time out to wander about.

Take a life-changing journey with us through our sister company Adventure Artists International. If you are a visual artist that would like to explore the world, see spectacular wildlife and help the places that you visit through your art, you belong in our flock.

Most of the wildlife photos for sale on this website were taken during good-focused adventures. Proceeds benefit the people and animals that reside in the lands that we visited. We can help you to do the same with your art.

Here are some ways that YOU can do good things with us…

Licence once. Use forever.

Our royalty-free stock photo image licenses provide flexible terms for commercial usage. With over 10,000 images in our library, you are sure to find the perfect photo for your next pet project!

Many of our models are rescue animals! Our good-focused complimentary photo program was developed as a way to help animal rescues to raise awareness, funds and adoption rates. To keep this program running, we license these images to the animal industry for their marketing needs.

We donate a portion of proceeds of stock photo sales to animal welfare and humanitarian conservations worldwide. 

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Display some good art

Fill your living room walls with inspiring wildlife or travel images. Display some cute whimsical baby animal photos in a child’s room. Or add some fun and whimsical wall decor to your pet business office.

 Spread some good vibes throughout your home or office!


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Learn some good stuff!

Fostering creativity is one of our brand values here at Good Focused. We love to share all that we know! Check out our learning library filled with courses for creatives by our founder, Susan Schmitz.

Learn fun image compositing tricks and image editing techniques from the comfort of your own home.


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Wander With Wonder

Our good-focused adventures through our sister company Adventure Artists International are designed to immerse you in vibrant cultures while sharing exciting adventures with fun, like-minded professionals. Expand your mind while finding your tribe.

Join us on an epic adventure!

Good-Focused Photo Program

Our company was founded by Susan Schmitz DBA A Dog’s Life Photography in 2005 when she started off as a pet photographer. To grow her skills and portfolio, she started donating her time to pet rescues by taking free photos of animals for adoption ads. Over the years, she expanded this program to also assist wildlife conservation organizations with their photography needs.

Her unique signature style of fun and whimsical composited images helps to draw much needed attention to the animals and the rescue organizations that they were saved by.

To keep this program running, we license the images that we produce as royalty-free stock photography for the animal industry. We also sell wall art and decor for pet-lovers and pet businesses.


Your photo purchase helps to save the lives of animals!