Focused On Supporting Good Causes Through Creativity

Welcome to Good Focused, where we specialize in creating captivating images that bring good vibes into your home and office.

Our collection features stunning landscape scenery, street scenes, and wildlife photography from across the United States, Italy, Africa, and beyond. Each image is carefully captured during our travels and creatively edited using the most modern technology to ensure the highest quality. At Good Focused, we believe in the power of peaceful imagery to inspire and uplift, which is why we're dedicated to providing you with art that soothes the soul. Moreover, we're committed to making a positive impact beyond aesthetics – a portion of our proceeds supports good causes focused on animal welfare and community outreach worldwide. Join us in spreading good vibes and making a difference with Good Focused.


Our Mission Is To Connect The Animal Welfare Community With The Pet And Travel Industries Through Photography And Modern Art Technology.

Susan Richey, Good Focused Founder


Our History

At Good Focused, we believe that creativity can be a powerful force for positive change. Our founder, Susan Richey, is not just an artist; she is a visionary who has transformed her passion for photography and modern digital art technologies into a mission-driven company that aims to make a difference in the world.

Susan's journey began as a pet photographer, capturing the unique personalities of beloved animals. However, she soon realized that her skills could serve a greater purpose. Inspired by a desire to contribute to meaningful causes, Susan started donating her time to pet rescues, providing them with captivating images to promote adoptions.

Over the years, Susan expanded her philanthropic efforts to include wildlife conservation organizations worldwide. Good Focused now collaborates with these organizations, offering them high-quality photography to support their vital missions. Our commitment goes beyond merely taking pretty pictures; it's about creating awareness and generating funds for causes close to our hearts – animal welfare, conservation, and community outreach.

What sets Good Focused apart is Susan's unique signature style – fun and whimsical composited images that not only showcase the beauty of animals but also tell the stories of the rescue organizations that saved them. Through these captivating visuals, we strive to draw attention to the incredible work being done by these organizations and the animals they tirelessly care for.

To sustain our philanthropic initiatives, we license the images we produce as royalty-free stock photography for the animal industry. Additionally, we offer a range of wall art and decor tailored for pet-lovers and pet businesses. Every purchase contributes to our mission of supporting non-profits that are making a positive impact on the world.

Join us in our journey to blend creativity with purpose. At Good Focused, we believe in the power of art to inspire change, and we invite you to be a part of our vision for a world where every image tells a story, and every purchase makes a difference.

Ready to let your vision roar? Drop us a line and let's capture your cause together!